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It is worth having a tasty dessert after eating a delicious meal. Cakes, creams, soufflés, ice-cream- it is sometimes hard to make decision which one to have. We are presenting our TOP 4 desserts. We are warning you- it is really mouth-watering. 🙂 In Cieszyn style All residents of Cieszyn Silesia are familiar with it,

Vegetarian cuisine

Meat-free dishes are becoming more and more popular. Contrary to appearances, there are many to choose from indeed! Combinations of salads, rice or pasta dishes with different additions, fish and seafood dishes…. We could go on and one… feel free to discover the richness of the vegetarian cuisine  Starters and main courses One of


While travelling across poland, you will find delicious regional dishes everywhere – after all, our country is famous for them! Every resident of the silesia province will admit that this region’s dishes are one-of-a-kind. In that case, it’s time to discover one of its intricate parts – the dishes of cieszyn silesia. Zultz – let’s


The pride and symbol of Italian cuisine, a dish served in almost every corner of the world both in a meat and vegetarian version. What would that be? Pizza, of course! It is hard to imagine life without it 🙂 A feast for meat-lovers Can’t imagine a pizza without meat? When choosing a pizza do

Beer impresions

A bit of history It is the middle of the 19th century in Cieszyn. You can hear the clattering of carriages, the ringing of bells and traders beckoning. Archduke Albrecht Frederick Habsburg walks nervously on the Castle Hill. No no no! It’s all wrong! Cieszyn Castle needs change, an air of European freshness. Since the