It is worth having a tasty dessert after eating a delicious meal. Cakes, creams, soufflés, ice-cream- it is sometimes hard to make decision which one to have. We are presenting our TOP 4 desserts.
We are warning you- it is really mouth-watering. 🙂

In Cieszyn style
All residents of Cieszyn Silesia are familiar with it, whilst tourists praise it after swallowing its first bit: apple strudel. The taste of apples is enriched with raisins, nuts and cinnamon. All is stuffed inside a thin pastry and can really delight taste buds. The best way is to serve the strudel hot and when we add vanilla ice cream and whipped cream: it is absolutely yummy!

Chocolate playing the main role
It does not ask, it understands… Of course we are talking about chocolate- a real queen of sweets. It tastes delicious on its own or as an ingredient of other desserts. Anyway, who does not like making themselves feel better, thanks to some chocolate? What is more, chocolate has got many advantages. It makes our mood better, influences our efficiency, it is a great source of energy and includes many nutritious minerals. One of our sweet menu is hot chocolate soufflés, served with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. Wat else could you wish for….

Italian delicatessen
Italy is famous for delicious dishes and desserts. Panna cotta is one of the top Italian specials. It is a delicate and mellow dessert, based on cream. You can have it with raspberry sauce and almonds. Not only does panna cotta taste wonderful but it also looks tempting!

Served hot …. and cold
In summer cold and refreshing ice-cream is a relief for us. Although we tend to eat less ice-cream in winter than in a warmer season it is always a great idea when we add hot condiments to it. We can always have ice-cream with e.x. warm fruit ( raspberry is the top one). We can complement it with whipped cream. Enjoy!