While travelling across poland, you will find delicious regional dishes everywhere – after all, our country is famous for them! Every resident of the silesia province will admit that this region’s dishes are one-of-a-kind. In that case, it’s time to discover one of its intricate parts – the dishes of cieszyn silesia.

Zultz – let’s begin with a starter
When in cieszyn you must try zultz, a jelly made from pork legs, served with onion, vinegar and bread. Zultz is the ideal introduction to further exploring the secrets of cieszyn cuisine.

Traditional polish soup
It is hard to imagine a sunday without a delicious broth. In cieszyn silesia it is served with homemade pasta and liver dumplings. The broth is ideal both for lunch in a small family circle, as well as during various celebrations.

Time for the main course
A real cieszyn rarity – roasted ribs served on a babratschka. The second part of this dish, i.E. The babratschka, is prepared from sauerkraut, potatoes and smoked meat. Combined with properly seasoned meat, the dish is a real feast for the palate.

For dessert …
After a rich and delicious dinner it’s time for something sweet. Introducing the star of the show – the apfelstrudel! The pie is served hot and comes topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It literally melts in the mouth….

A golden beverage from the brewery nearby
The brewery has been operating non-stop in cieszyn for over 170 years. The castle brewery offers residents and tourists alike beer brewed using traditional methods. If you should like to add this delicious hoppy beverage to all the dishes you have just read about…. Then that would be cieszyn silesia in a nutshell…. Oops, in your stomach that is 🙂