The pride and symbol of Italian cuisine, a dish served in almost every corner of the world both in a meat and vegetarian version. What would that be? Pizza, of course! It is hard to imagine life without it 🙂

A feast for meat-lovers
Can’t imagine a pizza without meat? When choosing a pizza do you always say to yourself: “Any pizza will do, as long as it’s got meat in it”? Well, then we have a lot in store for you 🙂 Choose between pizza with ham (Prosciutto), Calabrian sausage (Baccio del diavole), bacon (Wiejska) or grilled chicken (Con pollo). Have you ever tried a pizza with a sausage in its crust? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Pizza wege
If you prefer meatless dishes, we also have something for you. How about a traditional Margherita with mozzarella cheese and basil? Or maybe a pizza with four types of cheese (Quattro formaggi), grilled paprika, courgette and aubergine (Grigliadi verdi)? Or maybe you would prefer a delicious cheese star, namely a pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula and cheese in the crust? 🙂

Pizza on whole-wheat dough
Pizza prepared on whole-wheat dough is becoming more and more popular in Poland. There are many combinations to choose from. You can choose a pizza with spicy salami and texicana sauce, with Parma ham and artichokes or arugula, with grilled courgette and paprika, with chicken or with fresh tomatoes and basil primerba. Doesn’t that sound delicious? And it tastes delicious too! 🙂