Vegetarian cuisine


Meat-free dishes are becoming more and more popular. Contrary to appearances, there are many to choose from indeed! Combinations of salads, rice or pasta dishes with different additions, fish and seafood dishes…. We could go on and one… feel free to discover the richness of the vegetarian cuisine 

Starters and main courses
One of the most popular appetisers you can order in restaurants is bruschetta al pomodoro which consists of toasted bread slices topped with tomatoes, herbs, garlic and cheese. Try a piece and you will want more – guaranteed! Salads – a real paradise for vegetarians. The different combinations of vegetables are endless. Our choice is the primavera salad – a mixture of lettuces, vegetables and herbs, topped with egg and garlic sauce or vinaigrette. For the main course order the tortilla with spinach and feta cheese, courgette baked with couscous and vegetables or mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese and dried tomatoes. Delicious!

Straight from the sea
Fish and seafood are rich in protein and contain many vitamins (e.G. A, d). What’s more, fish also contain a lot of omega 3 acids, which have a positive effect on our body. In cookbooks or on the internet, you will find plenty of recipes for delicious fish dishes. Grilled salmon with herb and lemon butter, grilled trout with vegetables from the frying pan, stewed cod in vegetables…. Yummy! Try cioppino – fish and seafood soup and don’t forget to add fresh tomatoes and herbs. If you like flavours that are a tad sharper then curry soup with shrimp will surely be more to your liking.

Italian style
Have you ever tried penne al pesto? As the name suggests, it is a penne pasta, which is served with dried tomatoes, pine nuts and creamy basil sauce. If you like rice dishes, risotto frutti di mare will be the perfect choice for you. Speaking of italian cuisine we must not forget about pizza! Traditional margherita or quattro formaggi always taste just as good. Pizza with grilled peppers, courgettes, aubergines and spinach or vegetarian pizza with whole-wheat dough – delicious!