Dishes of cieszyn silesia


Zultz, i.e. pig’s foot jelly served with onion, vinegar and bread

220g 17,00 zł

Chicken soup with homemade noodles and a liver ball

400 ml 19,00 zł
Main dish

Roasted ribs served on babrachka sauerkraut, potato and bacon

180 / 160 g 39,00 zł

Apple strudel served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

150g/2 scoops 22,00 zł

Bottled beer from cieszyn

Lager Cieszyński 0,5 l 13,00 zł
Pszeniczne Cieszyńskie 0,5 l 15,00 zł
Double Ipa Cieszyńskie 0,5 l 17,00 zł
Porter Cieszyński 0,5 l 18,00 zł
Pilzner Cieszyński 0,5 l 12,00 zł

Draught beer from Cieszyn

Cieszyńskie 0,5 l 11,00 zł
Cieszyńskie 0,3 l 8,50 zł

Head chef recommends


Fish and seafood soup with fresh tomatoes and herbs

400 ml 37,00 zł
Spicy pork chop with bacon fried with mozzarella

Served with vegetables and chips

140 / 150 / 150 g 45,00 zł
Salad with grilled turkey, pear and blue cheese

Served with crispy toast, pine nuts, almonds, wallnuts and roasted sunflower seeds

120 / 200 g 41,00 zł



Thin slices of beef tenderloin served with parmesan flakes, fresh mushrooms, arugula and capers served with crispy baguette

120 g 46,00 zł
Parma ham and blue cheese roulade

Drizzled with balsamic honey sauce served with crispy baguette

150 g 27,00 zł
Bruschetta al pomodoro

Croutons with tomatoes, herbs and garlic, baked with mozarella cheese

200 g 18,00 zł


Salad with grilled turkey, pear and blue cheese

Served with crispy toast, pine nuts, almonds, wallnuts and roasted sunflower seeds

120g / 200g 41,00 zł
Cayenne caesar

Crispy salad with croutons, anchois dressing, spicy chicken fillet and crispy baguette

120g / 220g 39,00 zł
Caesar with salmon

Caesar with salmon served with croutons, caesar dressing and crispy baguette

120g / 220g 48,00 zł
Salad with beef tenderloin

Slices of grilled beef tenderloin, served on selection of salad, with mustard sauce, cherry tomatoes, red beans, grilled smoked bacon, zucchini, blue cheese and crispy baguette

100g / 250g 59,00 zł

Selection of salad, vegetables and herbs with vinegrette or garlic sauce, egg and crispy baguette

220g 32,00 zł



Fish and seafood soup with fresh tomatoes and herbs

400ml 37,00 zł
Sour rye soup

Sour rye soup with white sausage and egg served in bread

300ml 25,00 zł
Crema di pomodoro

Tomato cream soup with parmesan flakes and a hint of basil

300ml 20,00 zł

Italian vegetable soup

300ml 18,00 zł
Beef – chicken broth

Served with noodles and chicken dumplings

400ml 15,00 zł

Pasta and rice

Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti served with Italian meat sauce, parmesan and fresh herbs

300g 38,00 zł
Penne al pesto

Penne pasta in creamy and basil sauce with dried tomatoes and pine nuts

300g 37,00 zł
Penne pikante

Spicy penne with dried tomatoes, pepperoni, bacon and arugula

300g 37,00 zł
Risotto con pollo

With vegetables and juicy chicken served in grilled paprica

300g 41,00 zł
Risotto frutti di mare

With seafood and fishes pieces

300g 49,00 zł


Grilled salmon

With herb and lemon butter, roasted potatoes and spinach

130g / 150g / 150g 53,00 zł
Grilled trout

Served with chips and vegetables from the pan

270g / 150g / 150 g 47,00 zł
Cod stewed in vegetables

And wine served with rice

150g / 130g 41,00 zł

Vegetarian dishes

Stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed with blue cheese and dried tomatoes served with roasted potatoes and salad mix

160g / 150g / 100g 38,00 zł
Tortilla stuffed

With spinach and feta cheese baked with spicy salsa

330g 36,00 zł
Zucchini baked

Zucchini baked with savoury couscous and vegetables, served with tomato salad

500g / 150g 37,00 zł

Meat dishes

Spicy pork chop with bacon fried with mozzarella

served with vegetables and chips

140g / 150g / 150g 45,00 zł
Fried turkey breast with juicy pear

And blue cheese served with roasted potatoes and glazed cherry tomatoes

130g / 150g / 150g 47,00 zł
Gentle steamed roulade of chicken

Stuffed with spinach, topped with cheese sauce and served with rice and carrot salad

130g / 150g / 150g 43,00 zł
Chicken roulade

Stuffed with parma ham and dried tomatoes in a cream and gravy sauce served with zucchini fritters and tomato salad

140g / 150g / 150g 47,00 zł
Pork tenderloin

Stuffed with dried tomatoes and blue cheese, in a savoury sauce served with dumplings and salad mix

150g / 150g / 150g 52,00 zł
Grilled sirloin

Served with mushrooms, green beans and chips

140g / 150g / 150g 83,00 zł

Menu for kids


Chicken nuggets with fries and ketchup

5 pieces / 150g / 30g 22,00 zł

Pancakes with fruit, whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Small portion – 1 pancake
Big portion – 2 pancakes
16,00 zł
26,00 zł


Roasted potatoes, fries, mash potatoes 150g 8,00 zł
Rice 150g 8,00 zł
Silesian dumplings 150g 9,00 zł
Garlic bread – Focaccia 240g 12,00 zł
Fresh carrot salad 150g 9,00 zł
Tomato salad with onion 150g 16,00 zł
Cooked red cabbage salad 150g 9,00 zł
Raw white cabbage salad 150g 9,00 zł
Spinach fried on butter with garlic 150g 13,00 zł
Selection of breads 200g 10,00 zł


Hot chocolate soufflé

Served with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream

100g / 2 gałki scoops 28,00 zł
Ice cream

With hot raspberries and whipped cream

50 g / 50g 24,00 zł
Apple strudel

Served with vanilla ice cream

150g / 2 scoops 22,00 zł
Panna cotta

Italian vanilla creamy dessert with raspberry sauce and almonds

160g 17,00 zł

Hot drinks

40 ml 9,00 zł
Espresso americano
250 ml 10,00 zł
Latte macchiato
200 ml 14,00 zł
200 ml 11,00 zł
Cappucino Grande
250 ml 14,00 zł
Hot chocolate
120 ml 16,00 zł
Richmont Tea
400 ml 12,00 zł
Heated Sicilian vine
200 ml 17,00 zł
Spicy heated beer
500 ml 15,00 zł

Additions for tea

Hot raspberries
5,00 zł
4,00 zł

Cold drinks

0,2l 7,00 zł
Peepsi max
0,2l 7,00 zł
Shweppes Tonic
0,2l 7,00 zł

lemon, peach, green tea

0,2l 7,50 zł
Mineral water

sparkling or still

0,3l 6,50 zł
Toma juice

orange, grapefruit, blackcurrant, apple

0,2l 5,50 zł
Ice coffee

Espresso mixed with milk, served with scoops of ice and whipped cream

16,00 zł

Draught beer

Cieszyńskie 0,5l 11,00 zł
Cieszyńskie 0,3l 8,50 zł

Bottled beer

Heineken 0,5l 10,50 zł
Warka 0,5l 8,50 zł
Brackie Pils 0,5l 8,50 zł
Heineken 0% 0,5l 10,50 zł
Warka 0% 0,5l 8,50 zł

Wine from the barrel

Semi-dry red wine
Glass (150 ml)
Carafe (0,5 l)
Carafe (1 l)
8,50 zł
26,00 zł
52,00 zł


Semi-dry white wine
Glass (150 ml)
Carafe (0,5 l)
Carafe (1 l)
8,50 zł
26,00 zł
52,00 zł

Drinki alkoholowe

Ginger’s Jagermeister
Jagermeister (50 ml), Ginger’s beer (200ml), cucumber, lime
27,00 zł
Bacardi white (50 ml), half lime, sparkling water (100 ml), mint, cane sugar, crushed ice
18,00 zł
Honey Cucumber
Jim Beam Honey (40 ml), apple juice (40 ml), cucumber, lemon
18,00 zł


Stock Prestige 0,5l / 40ml 75,00 zł / 7,50 zł
Amundsen 0,5l / 40ml 95,00 zł / 9,00 zł
Żołądkowa De Lux 0,5l / 40ml 55,00 zł / 6,50 zł
Żołądkowa Gorzka De Lux 0,5l / 40ml 60,00 zł / 6,50 zł
Żołądkowa Gorzka “Rześka” 0,5l / 40ml 60,00 zł / 6,50 zł
Saska Wiśnia z Nutą Rumu 0,5l / 40ml 65,00 zł / 6,50 zł
Saska Pigwa 0,5l / 40ml 65,00 zł / 6,50 zł

Flovoured vodkas

Jim Beam White 40ml 17,00 zł
Jim Beam Honey 40ml 17,00 zł
Maker’s Mark 40ml 27,00 zł
Jack Daniels Tennessee 40ml 18,00 zł
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 40ml 27,00 zł
Hennessy 40ml 29,00 zł
Stock 84 40ml 14,00 zł
Stock Gin 40ml 10,00 zł
Bacardi White 40ml 13,00 zł
Bacardi Black 40ml 13,00 zł
Jagermeister 40ml 13,00 zł
Sauza Tequila Gold 40ml 21,00 zł
Sauza Tequila Silver 40ml 20,00 zł


small size 30 cm big size 45 cm

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and olives oil

18,00 zł 26,50 zł

tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, ham

22,50 zł 34,00 zł

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bolognese sauce, onion, garlic

26,00 zł 37,00 zł
Baccio del diavole

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, pepperoncino, garlic

25,00 zł 36,00 zł

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, mushrooms, broccoli

25,00 zł 37,00 zł

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, onion, smoked eve’s milk cheese, cranberry

26,00 zł 38,00 zł

garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, onion, pepper, tomato

27,50 zł 40,00 zł

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage, pepperoni, onion, pepper

25,00 zł 37,00 zł

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage, bacon, onion, mushrooms

26,00 zł 39,00 zł
Con pollo

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, onion, pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms

26,50 zł 38,50 zł
Grigliadi verdi

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled pepper, aubergine, courgette, onion, spinach, blue cheese

27,00 zł 39,50 zł

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, onion, mushrooms, pepper, tomatoes, garlic, spinach

25,00 zł 37,00 zł
Calzone (pieróg)

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, salami, mushrooms, pepper

27,50 zł 39,50 zł
Frutti di mare

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, seafood, onion

29,00 zł 41,50 zł

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, barbecue sauce, pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives

27,50 zł 42,00 zł

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives

29,50 zł 41,50 zł
Quatro formaggi

tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, camembert cheese, blue cheese, smoked eve’s milk cheese

29,00 zł 41,50 zł

customized pizza (6 ingredients)

30,00 zł 43,00 zł
Wypasiony rant

sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage, bacon, onion + sausage in the crust

32,00 zł 41,50 zł
Serowa gwiazda

sauce, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, rocket + cheese in the crust

26,00 zł 40,50 zł
Monster pizza

To choose: wiejska, capriciosa, vegetariana, góralska, con pollo*
*Without any changes

60 cm 65,00 zł
Yeast rolls baked with tomato sauce and cheese
6 pieces 14,50 zł

Pizza with a whole-wheat crust

small size 30 cm
Pizza with spicy salami

texicana salsa sauce, salami, yellow cheese

29,00 zł
Pizza with Parma ham and artichokes

tomato sauce, artichokes, Parma ham, leek, yellow cheese

36,00 zł
Pizza with Parma ham and arugula

tomato sauce, Parma ham, white mozzarella, arugula, olive oil, yellow cheese

36,00 zł
Pizza with grilled zucchini and peppers

grilled zucchini, grilled peppers, texicana salsa sauce, parmesan cheese, black olives, yellow cheese

31,00 zł
Pizza with chicken

yellow cheese, chicken, baby spinach, garlic, feta cheese, tomato sauce

31,00 zł
Pizza with fresh tomatoes

tomatoes, basil primerba, olive oil, white mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh basil

28,00 zł

Side dishes for pizza

small size 30 cm big size 45 cm
corn, tomato, spinach, onion, read bean, broccoli 3,50 zł 4,00 zł
olives, mushrooms, pepper, capers 4,50 zł 6,50 zł
chanterelles 8,00 zł 13,00 zł
bolognese 5,00 zł 7,00 zł
chicken, salami, sausage, ham, bacon 5,00 zł 7,00 zł
feta cheese, camembert cheese 7,50 zł 8,50 zł
hard cheese 6,50 zł 7,50 zł
seafood, shrimp, tuna 9,00 zł 12,00 zł
smoked salmon 11,00 zł 13,00 zł
Parma ham 9,00 zł 11,00 zł


Tzatziki 4,00 zł
Garlic sauce 3,50 zł
Tomato sauce 3,50 zł
Ketchup 3,00 zł