Liburnia Restaurant is a special place full of inspiring contrasts. Its modern interior is in seamless harmony both with the fusion cuisine and traditional regional dishes offered.

Such a unique combination fills it with extraordinary energy, making the place suitable for both business meetings as well as personal meetings with family and friends.

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One of the best pizzas in town are made right here in our restaurant Pizzeria. The pizzeria is located right next to the restaurant dining room, from where our guests can watch how their pizza is being prepared. After the dough is spun and topped, it goes into our very special wood-fired oven. We do our best to make our pizzas original in every sense of the word and live up to the expectations and tastes of all our guests.

Not only do our dishes taste great, but, most importantly they are healthy. This is because we only source fresh products from proven, and mostly local, suppliers. This is mainly why were able to offer our whole-wheat dough pizza.

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Company events

Company events are extremely demanding. Professionalism and experience play key a role in their success. Liburnia Restaurant offers an elegant, air-conditioned space, excellent cuisine and professional staff.

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The air-conditioned dining room of the Liburnia Restaurant is an ideal place to organize all kinds of events such as small wedding banquets, birthday and communion parties, baptisms, festive gatherings, anniversaries and ceremonial dinners.

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Liburnia Restaurant’s catering service offers excellent cuisine and a variety of products and services tailored to the type of celebration and the individual needs and expectations of our customers. Everything is supervised by our talented Chef and professional staff.

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It is worth having a tasty dessert after eating a delicious meal. Cakes, creams, souffl茅s, ice-cream- it is sometimes hard to make decision which one to have. We are presenting our TOP 4 desserts. We are warning you- it is really mouth-watering. 馃檪 In Cieszyn style All residents of Cieszyn Silesia are familiar with it,

Vegetarian cuisine

Meat-free dishes are becoming more and more popular. Contrary to appearances, there are many to choose from indeed! Combinations of salads, rice or pasta dishes with different additions, fish and seafood dishes…. We could go on and one鈥 feel free to discover the richness of the vegetarian cuisine 飦 Starters and main courses One of


While travelling across poland, you will find delicious regional dishes everywhere – after all, our country is famous for them! Every resident of the silesia province will admit that this region’s dishes are one-of-a-kind. In that case, it鈥檚 time to discover one of its intricate parts 鈥 the dishes of cieszyn silesia. Zultz 鈥 let鈥檚


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